Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Sunday Meditation For You, From Faith Imagined

This morning I felt led to share with you a beautifully moving article, written by the oh-so talented Alisa of Faith Imagined.  I encourage you to read it today and glean from her Holy Spirit inspired perspective on the return of our King.

Here is a snippit to peak your interest:
I imagine myself as a frail, old woman. It is dusk, and I'm walking outside amongst strangers along the street. I have nothing left of value. My money has been passed along to my kids and God's service. My youth and beauty have died long ago. My body is broken, and my five senses have faded. My mind is forgetful, and I can't keep a schedule. I can barely muster the energy to complete the daily tasks of living. I live each day longing for my Love's return.

I hear a scream, and see people running away in fear. I look to the heavens just in time to see the star sprinkled night sky rip in half. The black drape ripples like a blanket and falls on either side of the earth. All around me is the absence of darkness. I could have never comprehended such light. 

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God's blessings to you, and have a wonderful extended weekend, everyone!