Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Simple Technique For Stress Relief, And Some Warning Signs To Watch For

stress can be a real pain in the neck

Most of us can relate to the expression of being "stressed out" from time to time.  Maybe you're in over your head trying to complete a project, having a rough time juggling family and other responsibilities, or just worn out and irritable from any number of other reasons.  Well, did you know that too much stress can lead to a number of health related issues?  Our bodies offer us numerous "warning signals" to let us know we need to slow down and take things easier, but if we aren't familiar with these symptoms, they'll only feel like another hinderance.  Here's a partial list of some things which indicate you need to practice some form of stress relief.  Following this list is a great technique that works wonders in promoting relief from tension and anxiety.  Scroll down to learn how diaphragmatic breathing can help you, and watch the video for some step by step instruction.  

Have you been suffering from any of the following warning signs of stress?

Menstrual Problems
Frequent impatience
Habitual hang-ups such as nail biting, or grinding teeth
Unstable blood sugar
Inability to sleep when tired
Never feeling adequately rested
Fluctuating weight
Blood pressure issues
Frequent sickness
Lower back pain
Gastric disturbance
Anxiety and nervous tension
Increase or loss of appetite

If so, try this!  (Um, and if not..try it anyway!)  Also be sure to check out my post on PraiseMoves- A Christian Alternative to yoga for another great relaxation tool!

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