Saturday, August 28, 2010

PraiseMoves: A Christian Alternative To Yoga

I am smitten...and I just have to introduce you to the recipient of my newest affection:  PraiseMoves®!  PraiseMoves is the fitness ministry of Laurette Willis, featuring a collection of DVD's which promote healthy stretching, exercise, and stress relief- all while keeping you firmly rooted in the word of God!  Each posture in PraiseMoves is modeled after a biblical theme, (such as Mt. Zion, or The Cross, for example) and offers a delightfully corresponding verse of spoken scripture for you to repeat or meditate quietly on, at your discretion.  It's a perfect way to combine your daily devotion time and exercise routine into one!  Laurette has kindly agreed to supply a copy of her DVD, "Power Praise Moves" to a Dance And Be Glad reader.  (Did I mention she's absolutely a doll?!) She's also offering a $5 off special available to everyone. Read on to enter!  

Several years ago, the Lord placed an uneasy feeling in my spirit about the practice of traditional yoga.  The more I read, the more I became convinced that the potential dangers it carried far outweighed any positive qualities it had to offer.  I came to find out that yoga is an integral part of the Hindu religion, and in many cases is considered to, in fact, be Hinduism.  Despite the fact that most people in the U.S. are practicing hatha yoga, the most basic form which downplays many of it's overarching religious connections, the fact is that you cannot fully separate the act of "doing yoga" from it's Hindu roots.  Take a look at a few of the principles being taught through yoga in relation to what the bible teaches us, and think about what message we, as Christians are sending to the lost by participating in such an activity.

Yoga teaches us to empty our minds in the pursuit of peace
The bible teaches us to renew our minds (Gal 4:19) , and to continually meditate on scripture

Yoga is aimed at finding the divinity within
The bible teaches that we are to be vessels of the Holy Spirit

Yoga teaches postures that were created as offerings to the millions of Hindu "gods"
The bible warns that we are to abstain from things offered to idols, and to seek to live as children of light (see Ephesians 5)

Need more convincing, or a more thorough look at the facts?  Check out this article.

Now for some good news!  With PraiseMoves, you can get a great workout, stretching, and stress relief galore...all with NO COMPROMISE!  The Power PraiseMoves DVD offers 3 different workouts of varying lengths, and a section for abs targeting.  The other DVD I've been using, 20 Minute PraiseMoves, features workouts at 3 different fitness levels, and an additional segment for extended relaxation in the word.  Both include warm ups, and detailed instructions to perform the postures and scripture sequences.  Both are enjoyable, challenging at their own levels, and will make you "feel the burn" so to speak, in a good way!  Most importantly though, these DVD's will allow you to focus on the Lord and draw nearer to Him.  Amen?!  Seriously, these have been soooo helpful in relieving stess for me.  (I've even managed to sneak a few sessions in during our T.V. fast..shhh..don't tell!)

To be entered to win the DVD, all you have to do is visit Laurette's site, then return and leave a comment on this post! (Mandatory enty) "Like" me on facebook and/ or follow me on twitter or google friend connect for additional, optional entries. (Please leave a separate comment for each entry.) The winner will be announced Fri. Sept. 10.  Best wishes!
*THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED*  Congratulations to commenter #21: Nancy!   I'm sure you will be loving it :)