Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Poem: Joy Is A Knowing

Stamens unfolding

Last night as I layed in bed, exhausted and unable to sleep, and starting to feel a bit sorry for myself, I began to sense a quiet comfort which I can only explain as the joy of the Lord, working its way into me, despite all circumstances.  I was truly blessed, and deeply inspired by this answer to prayer.  I hope you enjoy my poem :)  

Joy is a knowing
Deep beneath wounded flesh
Trickling out of a thankful well
Unchanged by soulish affliction

She whispers to be heard
Offering gentle strength to a weary grasp
On her way to catch the sunrise
The essence of eternity in hand

Many a season have gone by
Yet her beauty remains steadfast
Forever radiant and fresh
Amidst the storms she flourishes

Her words are life and truth
My heart and mind asquiesce
As we meet in pure reflection
To see a child of The King!