Tuesday, June 22, 2010

10 Things Tuesday- My Journey Into Gardening

1.   No lettuce tastes sweeter than that which you grow yourself.

2.   Unfortunately, without a net or fence, the rabbits will beat you to it.

3.   Grass clumps left behind from tilling will re-root and spread like wildfire.

4.   Planting tomatoes deep with a tbsp. of epsom salts seems to really do the trick.

5.   Allowing your two year old to dump sprinkle the carrot seeds can make for hours of tedious "thinning".

6.   Peat moss and bonemeal mixed into the soil make hard, root filled ground loose and fertile.

7.   Lots of stuff grows just fine without any pesticides.

8.   Saving your food scraps before you have a compost bin ready just plain stinks..

9.   Knowledge of natural pest control would be helpful to attain before your broccolli is eaten alive.

10. Rainy days have become my best friend.  (Not really, but I'll welcome a good shower over a fight with the hose anyday)