Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fruit And Walnut Salad With Cream Cheese Dressing

Years ago a friend of mine had me over for dinner and served a similar dish as an appetizer.  It was SOO good I never allowed myself to forget it!  Recently I was inspired by the seasonal fruit and greens available and decided to give it a go.  Everyone in the house loved it, salad and non-salad eaters alike.  It's perfect this time of year especially if you buy local produce to get the best nutritional value possible.

Baby lettuces, spinach, kale, or other mixed greens
Sliced Fruit (I used strawberries and blackberries, but blueberries would be delicious too!)
Chopped Walnuts

Cream Cheese Dressing:
 4 oz. of cream cheese- softened
1/4 cup of powdered sugar (organic if possible)*
2 Tbsp milk or so as needed to thin consistency just a bit

Arrange greens, fruit, and walnuts on plate as desired.  Mix dressing ingredients by hand or with a mixer until well blended.  Transfer dressing to a squeeze-style bottle (such as ketchup/ mustard bottles, or an icing bag with small tip), and design a pretty pattern on top of your salad.  Enjoy!!

*P.S. You really don't need a lot of sugar to sweeten this dressing up.  I've used even less and had good results.  Just think of all the raw fruit and vegetable goodness that awaits! Mmmm...