Monday, April 5, 2010

Relevant 2010- I'm IN!!

I am excited to announce that I am going to the Relevant 2010 conference in October!  This is meant to be a time of fellowship, encouragement and equipping for christian women bloggers.  So cool!  I happened across the info and was excited to hear about its mission:

What makes this even sweeter for me is its location in Harrisburg, PA. Just one hour from me! I have been wanting for some time to start a blog as a way to (eventually) bless my family with extra income, as well as to be able to share and learn from others what God is doing.  This desire began growing in me as I stumbled upon several other women's blogs which I found to be so helpful and encouraging!  I have always enjoyed writing and attempt to live a life full of holy passion and natural simplicity, which I knew there was an audience for.  However, I wondered what would make me stand out from the rest of the great blogs out there.  What would be my "focus"?  Well, I have since found that focus through a series of difficult events and ultimately because of God's amazing grace.  For more details, check out my about link.  Anyway, the thought of being able to come together with like-minded women and become better suited for this purpose was making me gitty with anticipation. I wasn't sure what my husbands reaction would be, considering I didn't think he even read my blogs, but since I mentioned it to him 3 days ago, he has been on my case to register and secure my spot. Geesh! Ok, honey,..if you insist. (hehe) So, I'm going!! Joy is contagious you know, so that's why I wanted to share mine with you.

Today I am getting ready to drive to Lewistown (my hometown) to visit with my sister and nab her giant artificial ficus tree for my newly inspired livingroom arrangement. I must have the tree to complete this mission. And of course it's always nice to visit with my sis. :) I am planning on going along with her for her daily 5 mile walk. However, though I've been desperately meaning to begin an exercise routine, I haven't quite made it yet, so I may well be sitting on the park benches occasionally, waiting for her to lap Apparently there are usually some older ladies doing the same thing. Maybe I'll strike up some meaningful conversations, or perhaps we can work on regaining our stamina and breathing for the next round. We'll see how it goes. I'll be glad to be outside though, even if I am just parked on a bench. It's going to be a good day.