Friday, March 5, 2010

Preparing to FLY

So much for establishing a new blogging routine..haha. I have been so busy ridding my home of "clutter" and trying to get clean and organized that I have neglected basically everything else. I knew it would be this way, I just didn't realize quite to what extent. Some days I have forgotten to drink water,eat, give Breaden school assignments, or even feed the family, among other things. I figured the neglect would be a temporary problem worth its price tag in the end: happier husband, more order, etc., but I'm not so sure I was correct on that.

Numerous times over the last few weeks I would find myself thinking, "What if this is the last day I have to spend with the kids?" I would quickly blow off the thought and get to work filling my next bag for the thrift store or emptying another shelf to reorganize. I will say that I have made HUGE headway, and have learned so many skills along the way, but the question remains: If I really did only have one day remaining, would I want to make sure everything was in place for my family; that there wasn't too much junk on the shelves or in the attic for them to sort through, or would I want to accomplish a little less "work" for the sake of spending time with them instead?! If I had to pick again I would pick them.

Even though my family was my motivation, my over-ambitious tendencies instead led me away from the people who matter the most. That time can't be bought back, and though I now have neatly lined cupboards and sparkling floors, the real prize is that I recognize how important it is to enjoy the moment: where you are, what you are doing, and who you are with. Simple sounding, but not as easy to pull off! I have learned to truly enjoy myself while fulfilling my homemaking duties. That time spent working in the home is a blessing to those who live here as well as all others who may enter. This philosophy is something I picked up from this website I stumbled across. FLYlady is all about taking baby steps towards peace and order in your home, and something I now highly encourage as a healthier approach to the "crash and burn" method I typically embrace.

 FLY stands for finally loving yourself, and whether you are a homemaker, student, or even a circus performer (maybe even a combination of all three), I can't stress how important that is! Loving yourself NOW can save you a ton of repercussions in the future, not to mention make you want to take care of yourself, others, and the world around you. It also saves you from wallowing in devastation, helplessness, and fear when people aren't as kind and understanding as you'd like. Or when life throws something at you that doesn't seem fair.

 In John 15:9 Jesus says," As the father has loved me, so have I loved you. Now remain in my love." We can love ourselves when we know that we are worthy to be loved. We were created in His love, and to continue to give and receive love as we grow in a relationship with Jesus. Without this relationship I believe it is impossible to truly love yourself or others. Ask me how I know.....So basically the thing we thing we need the most is right there all the time, just waiting for us to pursue it. How does that make you feel? Hopefully empowered. God is never farther than our reach, and His love for us is big enough to cover all our shortcomings. Once we love ourselves, we are on our way to fulfilling our destinies and growing in the wisdom and favor of the Lord. More on this (hopefully) soon!