Monday, June 7, 2010

Let's Build Our House Part 2-Where Hospitality Starts

Proverbs 14:1 says a wise woman builds her house.  In Let's Build Our House Part 1 I explored my own tendency towards idleness (excuse-making) while finding motivation to complete household tasks.  Today, I am going to share yet another not-so-nice part of me that God brought to my awareness, and I hope you will still like me after I'm done!

I have been extremely negligent in serving my family lately.  I have hosted family get-togethers and even intimate dates for two right at our home, yet failed to provide regular meals to my own family.  I have  cheerfully hopped out of bed to make breakfast when overnight company is here, yet dreaded and even getting up with my own children when they wake up earlier than I'd like.  I could give you all the excuses about why it's been so hard, but I'll spare you the undesirable details.  What the Lord has been showing me lately is this: 'building our home' has a lot to do with building up the people who live in it!  

Enter Hospitality.  Wikipedia defines it in terms of a "relationship" between host and others and involves "generously providing care and kindness to whoever is in need."  I have always loved being hospitable to others.  It feels great to do something nice for someone else, and I love getting caught up in the little details, too.  Somewhere along the way from courtship to marriage to married with children though, I lost the hospitable spirit towards my man.  As I mentioned in this post, my beloved children have tended to wear on my graces as well.  

I want to be a woman of integrity.  Fair to all.  Loving and kind to all.  Yet, my family must come first!  Why does it seem that it's not as fun to prepare a meal (or 3) a day for them as it is to invite guests over?  For me, that answer is routine.  Boring old routine.  It's good to have some order, don't get me wrong.  I've just realized that it's time to spice things up a little!  Breakfast costume parties!  Dinner dates with vegetables offered fake mustaches and their own seats!  A late night dinner with the hubby inspired by the muppet babies: helllo Par-riis!!  

As for waking up in the mornings, I am still being kicked around about waking e-a-r-l-y.  I'm getting there.  I know it's best for me to be ready to hear all those precious voices calling for me around 6:30am.  They all deserve an enthusiastic greeting just as much as the neighbors across the street, and if the neighbors get one first..well, my kids aren't gonna get the right ideas in their sweet little heads, that's for sure. 

I must be a woman of character.  My family is watching more than anyone.  Their joy will be rooted in Christ, through my example.  I want to make it a good one, and one with fun memories that they will want to bless others with as they grow; starting with their families first!