Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Hillsongs DVD Giveaway!

I am offering a giveaway for the first time on my blog!  As you may know, the blog is fairly new and I am all about building readership with more awesome individuals such as yourself!  I will be giving away the Hillsongs DVD "Faith+Hope+Love" which we happen to have and think is completely awesome!  Here are the ways you can enter (and you may do more than one of these for multiple entries):

1.  Leave a comment on my FB page.  If you are not currently one of my FB fans, I'd like you to become one!  

2.  Share my facebook page with your FB friends by clicking the "suggest to friends" button under the profile picture, or you can "like" 2 or more of my posts by clicking on the thumbs up underneath each one.  Just leave me a comment letting me know.

3.  Subscribe to my posts via RSS feed or email.  IT'S FREE!  Leave a comment so I make sure to include you.

4.  Follow me on twitter, and/or tweet my blog to your followers, then leave a comment.

5. Give me your honest imput by commenting on two or more of my blog posts.  

After you've done any/all of these things, you're in!  The contest goes till Saturday, May 15, and I will announce the winner on my facebook page, twitter, and on the website.  Thanks for your support everyone.  Happy winning!

*Contest is now closed*

The winner of the Hillsongs Faith+Hope+Love is Ashley Taylor, from TaylorFamilyTrio.  Congratulations!