Saturday, October 9, 2010

Non-Toxic Cancer Treatment: An Illustrated Journey Toward Restoring And Maintaining Good Health

Cancer-Free: Your Guide to Gentle, Non-toxic Healing (Third Edition)As most of you probably know, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in late October of 2009.  Since that time, I have been trying my best to diligently combat the illness without radiation, drugs or surgery, as I've been led.  I realize that many do not understand or support such a "radical" decision, yet I pray this post will be a gentle reminder to some of you that God provides many different options when it comes to bringing healing to our bodies, and allows us to prayerfully choose which are best for ourselves and our families.  I also hope this may serve as some form of comfort for concerned family members and friends who think I simply have chosen not to "do anything" since opting against conventional treatment thus far.

The following is a peak into my newfound lifestyle, complete with information regarding the benefits of each item of my protocol.  (I currently follow the Bill Henderson protocol, as outlined in the book Cancer Free: Your Guide to Gentle, Non-Toxic Healing.)  Not only do the following strategies fight cancer, they also dramatically decrease your risk of developing it!  Many are also great for other ailments as well.  Do I follow this plan with 100% accuracy every day?  Sadly, no.  However, I do my best, and trust God to make up for the rest!

Another great book for anyone who wants to know more about the causes of cancer, the truth behind the cancer industry and conventional treatments, and detail regarding the most effective alternative treatments is Cancer - Step Outside the Box (5th Edition) by Ty Bollinger.  I would encourage you not to wait until you or someone you love is diagnosed with cancer before arming yourself with this valuable information!  Here we go with the show:

First thing each morning I take beta-1, 3-d glucan for some serious immune boosting support.  

Next I have a morning smoothie according to the specifications of the Budwig Diet.  I also include my probiotics and cod liver oil in this mixture- and yes...I drink that entire amount at one sitting!  If you aren't familiar with the many benefits of cod liver oil, definitely take the time to read this article!  Also, here is a link for the best sources and brands. 

I follow the smoothie with my morning supplements and a large glass of water.  I take some of them again in the afternoon, and all of them again in the evening.  These include barley tablets, green tea extract, and various other vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.  I also take a digestive enzyme to help my body better utilize and break down the food I eat.  Barley in particular is known to be extremely cleansing to the body, and help with a host of medical ailments as well.  

The next item on my list is 3 drops of Nascent Iodine in a glass of water- 3 times daily.  This is iodine in its atomic form, which is most highly assimilated by the thyroid while having its toxicity removed.  I plan to do a post about this fabulous product soon, because it has so many benefits.  These include being antiseptic, anti-viral, and anti-fungal.   It is also a great antioxidant.  

Here is my honey making some fresh vegetable juice for me.  We use mainly carrots (for the beta-caretene) but will also throw in a bit of apple for sweetness and some red beet for its detoxifying properties.  I really like this juice!  The pain of it is actually making the stuff, which as you can see..I try to avoid.  I am plotting a way to get a Blendtec mixer soon so I can just puree the veggies whole and quit wasting all of that good fiber!  On a "good" day, I will have 3- 8 oz. glasses of this.

I try to drink lots of red clover blossom tea, which I prepare by the gallon and keep warm in our coffee pot throughout the day.  This is full of isoflavones, which are potent antioxidants.  Red clover is also good for easing premenstrual discomfort and menopause, is detoxifying, and has mild sedative qualities.  I buy it loose in a one pound bag and mix it with some other herbs, including echinacea (for immune support), cats claw, and green tea (for its antioxidant value and because it makes it taste good!)  The Frontier brand advertises that they do not irradiate their products, which is important in order to receive their true healing properties!  Mountain Rose Herbs also assures their customers of this.  

Here is my daughter Lucy working out with me to my new favorite program: PraiseMoves!  Check out my review of this fabulous Christian alternative to yoga.  I am hoping to soon buy a rebounder to use during exercise as well.  More on these soon!

Here's my lovely friend, garlic.  Garlic is anti-fungal (and it is important here to note that many doctors consider cancer to be a form of a fungal infection).  Garlics main healing mechanism lies in an ingredient called allicin, which acts as an immune booster, potent antibiotic, blood pressure stabilizer, and is thought to shrink and prevent cancerous tumors.  I swallow hole clove pieces, or make a garlic and honey syrup, which you can find in this post.  For garlic after breath, I use natural breath drops with peppermint oil.   Allicin supplements are also available.  

Here is little Lucy helping to peel the garlic cloves.  I love having her as my special helper!

My evening snack/ dinner usually includes a special smoothie which may consist of any combination (or all) of the following ingredients:  blackberries, raw milk/ yogurt, coconut oil, nutritional yeast, whey, and spirulina powder.  I love how I can fit so many healthy ingredients into one tall, delicious beverage!

The last (but never least!) thing I arm myself with is the word of God.  His promises bring life and cast out all fear.  Only He can truly heal me, and I trust in Him to lead me every step of the way on this journey.  That being said, I am about to do my second test (similar to a cancer marker test, but more effective) to determine the amount of cancer which may still be present in my body.  From there I will determine if I need to change or add to my present course of action.  I am convinced that there is no one "right" path to healing for every person, besides following the path of our precious Lord Jesus!  This is exactly what I plan to do, and I thank you for your prayers as I continue on my journey to becoming cancer free.

May He bless you as you strive toward caring for the temple(s) that He has given you!