Saturday, October 2, 2010

Quieting An Overactive Mind

I have a simple message from the heart to share with you today.  So often lately, while going through the motions of being there for those who need me most, my mind has been preoccupied.  It seems there are always so many things to do, (or avoid doing), and things that needed planned for and organized.  As a result, these things swirl around inside my head, creating tension and stress that prevent me from truly embracing my God given role in life.  

As I was watching my children play yesterday, thinking of the next list I needed to write out, I heard the Lord simply say, "Quiet."  That was the only word I needed to hear.  I knew He meant for me to quiet my mind of all the "noise" that was interfering with really truly enjoying my life and being the woman I need to be.  Can you be still for just one moment and ask yourself, "Could the Lord be speaking this word into my spirit as well?"

I'd like to encourage you today to fill and renew your mind with The Word rather than with to-do lists and the like.  Sure, ideas and inspiration can strike anytime/ anywhere.  When this happens, get a little notebook, write it down, and forget it until the appropriate time.  Our precious loved ones desperately need and deserve our undivided love and attention.  

So today I challenge you: Make it a point to snuggle a little closer.  Get more involved.  Listen more intently, and love more deeply.  It feels so much better, and it's the right thing to do, too.