Friday, October 22, 2010

Preparing To Be Moved

This weekend I am enjoying a time of fellowship and refreshing as I attend The Relevant Conference in Harrisburg, PA!  I have been looking forward to this opportunity to connect with other christian women bloggers while learning and growing in my faith, and already God has gotten ahold of me and begun to do His work.  I am humbled as I realize more and more how my life is a mere reflection of my love for The One who is truly worthy.  Am I extending grace to others as He so lavishly extends it unto me?  Will I be a be a true representation of a daughter of the King, maintaining a thankful heart despite the painful trials?  I pray that through His strength, the answer will be yes.

As I sit here this morning, expecting and preparing to be conformed bit by beautiful bit into the image of Christ, I pray that you, too, will be touched by Him in a gentle yet powerful way.  May you be overwhelmed by grace, even during the busyness of your days, and respond in joy to each opportunity you have to serve Him!

...My lips shall praise you.  Thus I will bless You while I live...
Psalm 63: 3-4

I look forward to the blessing of sharing with you again soon!