Friday, July 16, 2010

Our Real Life Mid-Summer Update

It's been quite a summer so far.  In the past few months my baby boy has learned to crawl and "cruise", while Breaden celebrated his 10th birthday and successfully completed the 3rd grade, homeschool style.  Here's a few family photos which capture some of our seasonal fun:

Lovin' the underwater camera action...

Jude hasn't quite made up his mind about the pool yet..
My nephew Silas, who is simply just too darn cute...

Lucy and Ava have become "like fish in the water" while enjoying the pool, and are continually learning about the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus in such a simple way that it brings a whole new level of faith to my own heart.  Here's a sample conversation to give you a glimpse of what we talk about on a daily:  

Ava: "Jesus died!" "He died on da coss!" (This is her new favorite thing to shout say.  Whenever.  Wherever.)
Lucy: "Why did Jesus die?" said in nearly one second flat
Mom or Dad: "He died for our sins."
Lucy and Ava: "Whyyy?" said over the course of several seconds
Us: "So we could be forgiven and live with him in Heaven."
Them: "Oooh…..Whyyy?"
Us: "Because he loves us, and we were created in His image."
Ava: "He died!  He died on da coss!"
Lucy: "Oooh. But why did he have to die, anyways?"

And so it goes.  As always, I have had no shortage of things to occupy my time, believe it or not!  Since wrapping up the school year and the ice cream baseball season, I've managed to read an entire book, finally build my home planning journal (which I can't wait to share with you), and even return to baking my own bread.  I even squeezed in going on a wildlife field trip to Lake Tobias, attending my cousin's wedding, and getting bit in the neck by a giant black spider.  Of which, two of these things I actually rather enjoyed :)

Wedding day beauties: My cousins Rae and Joanna on left and right of me, and sister Elena

Shawn and me- Look closely and you can still see where that nasty spider got me!

Unfortunately, I can't say a whole lot of my long hours toiling in the garden, and if I were willing to show you some pictures of said garden, you would know that I speak the truth!  Seriously though, I have never grown anything and not subsequently killed it.  Just ask my husband, grandma, sister, son..ok..pretty much anyone.  So I am pleased to announce that this year it appears as though we will be harvesting some organic tomatoes, corn, carrots, and maybe even a few pumpkins.  I couldn't be happier.  

In other news, I have recently assumed the role of secretary/ administrative assistant while assisting my husband in re-entering the job market.  This decision has been a long time in the making, but we both agree that though ministry is his true calling, the time has come to look for something more consistent and financially rewarding.  We really have been struggling to make ends meet, and with additional expenses continuing to accrue, well..there really isn't much choice left at this point.  So, he's been putting his feelers out in all sorts of different directions, which has meant lots of busy work for me!  I do happen to love toiling over lists of qualifications and helping to write endearing letters to complete strangers though, so it's actually been a pretty good time.  Seriously.  I am hoping and praying that the right employer will choose Shawn (and in effect) our family, and more specifically, that he will be able to continue to stay in the ministry field, pursuing a job leading worship which is his true gifting and heart's desire.  We are quite ready to go wherever the Lord would take us, no matter how big or small the move may be!

In case you were wondering what our aforementioned "additional expenses" are, (which you most likely were not) I will tell you :)  After much difficulty and procrastination, I finally did the HCG cancer test, which came back revealing that I indeed do still have cancer.  This may come as no surprise to some of you, but I had really been hoping for a miraculous healing.  I know it could have happened, and I was believing for it, but God apparently had other plans this time.  So, rather than continuing to approach it with a half-hearted, lackadaisical attitude (which I think came partly from just believing I would be healed), I am now on a mission: a mission to defeat this cancer once and for all.  

I simply will not let the enemy and his plans to destroy my life be fulfilled.  I may have cancer, but cancer DOES NOT and WILL NOT have me.  

While I still do believe that God will bring complete and total healing to my body, I will now be following a rigorous natural treatment plan called the Bill Henderson protocol to help things along the best I know how.  I will be retesting in 6-8 weeks to see how my numbers compare to my baseline test, in order to judge the effectiveness of my treatment.  

In the coming weeks and months, I plan to open up more personally concerning my physical health, how things are going, how I'm feeling, what I'm learning, etc.  I hope to share many immune boosting strategies, supplements, and general health information to assist you in being as healthy as possible, and techniques to help find the time to making your own health a priority!!  (Something I am constantly dealing with).  

I look forward to having you stay by my side, and hope that you will tell your friends to come on over and join us as we seek to live our lives to the fullest; claiming joy, health, and healing for our bodies, hearts, and homes.  I have lots of new and exciting stuff coming up soon, including a book study I plan to introduce within the next week or so.  You guys are so, totally awesome, and I wish I could give each one of you a nice, big hug.  

Until next time,