Tuesday, June 15, 2010

10 Things Tuesday-Reasons I Love Cloth Diapers

 1.  I save money and don't create the waste of disposables.

 2.  No more elastic markings around my babies legs.

3.  I am protecting my babies most sensitive areas from bleach and various other chemicals.

4.  I am setting an example for my daughters to be good stewards and make wise decisions.

5.  I can choose natural materials such as wool and cotton which allow babies skin to breathe.

6.  I can sell them when I'm done and make most of my money back!

7.  They tend to encourage earlier potty training..so far, two of mine were out of diapers before age 2!

8.  They are so soft, cozy for baby, and enjoyable to use.

9.  Rashes almost never happen.

10. They are just too stinkin' CUTE!